1425 Universal City Boulevard, Universal City, Texas 78148 Tel: (210) 657-5757 Fax: (210) 649-2222

Brooks City Base ?San Antonio, Texas

Outside Plant High-Count Copper & Fiber

In order to relocate existing services for an upcoming roadway expansion, SanTel installed 4 each of 2,400-pair telephone tie cables and related section throw splices. In addition, SanTel pulled and terminated new 96-strand fiber.

Brooks City Base Logo-50
Bid 04182007-018-50
Camp Bullis Logo

Camp Bullis ?San Antonio, Texas

High-Count Fiber Optic OSP Cable for Military Operations & Urban Terrain (MOUT)

SanTel installed, terminated and tested 6 to 96-strand outside plant fiber optic cable to 40 buildings on campus for electronic warfare simulation areas. This cable was located both aerial and underground.

Keesler Gate

Keesler AFB ?Biloxi, Mississippi

Inside/Outside Plant Voice & Data Cabling

SanTel performed post-Katrina rehabilitation of the base communications infrastructure.  It consisted of the installation of +/-8,000 Category-6 cables in multiple buildings. We also entered 80 manholes and re-spliced all existing telephone splices on 100 through 3,000-pair cable. Once completed, new stainless-steel cases were installed, bonded, grounded and encapsulated.  This work was done over an 11-month period.

Keesler AFB ~ TTF-2 Fiber+Copper 12-13-04 - 50
Keesler AFB 12-10-04 - 50

Randolph AFB ?Universal City, Texas

SanTel has installed many communication manholes and 4?duct banks on various projects over the past several years. We have also provided outside plant fiber optic cable, most recently a redundant ring around the perimeter of the base.

East GATR Site BW Aerial Marked - 40
Randolph Paving 2-50

Randolph AFB ?Universal City, Texas & MacDill AFB - Tampa Florida

Security System Installation/Low Voltage Wiring

SanTel provided the installation services for a radar-based security system on and around the flight line area.  Work was performed on several hangars, along with the two air traffic control towers and fire station.

Hangar 3-50
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